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    Looking for New Plants

    Tiny pothos(6 oz), tiny aloe, kalanchoe red(cuttings), cuban oregano(cutting)

    Looking for Hoya Bella, Hoya David Cummings cuttings – trade

    Looking to trade a variety of species

    Fiddle leaf fig, croton, prayer plant, pothos,

    Pothos cuttings or Semi root

    For trade

    Milkweed seeds

    Cuttings available for trade- Monstera adaonsii, string of pearls, ficus altissima, peperomia frost and rosso, string of hearts and more!

    Searching for diakon radish & other foods

    Looking to kick start my collection

    Looking for plant swaps, or free plants in need of new home!!

    Lavender iris, lambs ear

    Vicks Plant

    Houseplant Swap!


    Weeping Blue Atlas

    Looking to adopt houseplants!

    New to houseplants and looking to swap almost anything

    People are offering free mature trees on Craigslist


    White grapefruit seedlings and unknown plant

    wanting indoor plants for free

    Clippings for free or trade

    Fruit Trees

    Indoor tropicals wanted in Phoenix

    Female Sago ball palm – Fort Walton Beach, FL

    Watsonia borbonica

    Trade offering oregano and mint cuttings

    For the Love of Plants

    Trade offering rooted Trailing Coleus

    Trade offering rooted Watermelon Coleus

    MANY Orchids for Local Trades

    Indoor plants

    Looking for free/swaps

    Wanted: Pilea Peperomioides or Chinese Money Plants (Willing to Trade)

    Wanted: Monstera Adansonii

    English or Common Ivy Cuttings to trade (Shipping Only)

    Snake, spider, daffodil. I want what you have


    Wanted: Free Hostas or other perennials

    Swapping for shipping costs!!

    Snake Plant

    Silver dollar vine

    Cuttings Wanted!

    String of pearls or hearts

    Bunny ear cacti (Opuntia microdasys)

    Jade plants

    Monstera Deliciosa Cuttings

    Looking to grow my plant collection