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    Scindapsus Exotica

    Free plants wanted


    Porch Garden needs home! I’m moving

    Hoya Linearis Cuttings

    Plant trade!

    Please help! I love my plants and don’t want them in landfill!

    Wanted: Monstera or other cuttings

    Clumping bamboo

    Help me get started

    Two Dracanea for swap 🙂

    Euphorbia tirucalli ‘Sticks on Fire’ Fire Sticks for Swap

    Ponytail Palm

    Moving Experts US

    Perennials, Annuals to trade

    *ADOPTED* Monstera, free to a good home (with cute mid century modern platner)

    Aloe plants for swap!

    Stromanthe Triostar

    ISO Silver Band Maranta

    Free Plants Jackpot

    String of Bananas

    Heartleaf Philodendron

    I’m new lets swap!

    Free starter plants available in Chicago

    Looking for an aloe vera plant

    Oxalis Triangularis

    Skindapsous treubii dark

    peperomia ginny rooted cuttings

    Looking for P. Micans

    Bonsai in Training – some for swap

    snow on the mountain variegated

    Free plants and trees

    New ,looking to swap

    Rooted Coleus Cuttings

    String of Hearts

    Spider, Pilea, Wandering Dude for trade


    Kalanchoe (yellow flowers)

    Calathea Medallion / Prayer plant

    Looking for Hoyas and Philodendron

    Looking for Bambusa multiplex Golden Goddess Or Alphonse Karr

    Philodendron pink princess

    Prayer Plant Trimmings Green

    Looking for tall outdoor plants for the outside of our coffee shop!

    Looking For Indoor Tropical Plants EASY TO GROW Very New at This!

    Local Swap: Davis, California

    Looking for new plants

    Looking for Daylillies (hemerocallis fulva)

    Hoya fungii

    hibiscus herbs