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    New plant momma looking for trades

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    Swap or $3 plus shipping

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    Frangipani Cutting Swap

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    Shingle plant

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    Peach-colored quince to swap

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    Looking for snow queen pothos

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    philodendron melanochrysum

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    Outdoor plants to swap

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    Colocasia Esuculenta

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    Philodendron Brazil 3” pot

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    San Antonio swap

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    Trading pink flecked syngonium

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    wanted: Marble Queen Pothos cuttings

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    Need good homes near Pearl River – lots of variety

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    Free houseplants

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    Free plants for anyone interested

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    In search of cape sundew (drosera) carnivorous plant! Will trade clippings or pay for a plant!

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    Marble queen, jade, and neon pothos, sansevieria, rhipsalis baccifera

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    Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia

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    10 Coast Live Oak Seedlings for free

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    Free Small Tomato Plants – London

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    Free Devil’s Backbone Rooted Cuttings

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    Euphorbia cutting

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    Crown of thorns cuttings

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    Hedgehog Cacti pups

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    New Home Owner Looking For Plants

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    Brunfelsia- Yesterday Today and Tomorrow shrub

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    Free Primroses!

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    Rooted Heartleaf Philodendron

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    Painter’s Palette / Anthurium / Flamingo Flower

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    Orchid – Digby’s Beaked Laelia

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    Ivy Leaf Geranium

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    Philippine Evergreen

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    Angel Wing Begonia

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    Dutchman’s Pipe Cactus

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    Snake Plant – Sansevieria Cylindrica

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    West Seattle Plant Swap

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    All Season Movers NJ

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    ISO Philodendron Bipennifolium

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    ISO variegated monstera deliciosa

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    For Trade and Wanted

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    Iso Cuttings of philodendrons, other climbing cascading plants.

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    Various sunflower plants

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    Monstera Aurea

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    Any houseplants or cuttings

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    For sale

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    Van Express Moving

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    Monstera Albo cuttings or plant

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    Zippy Shell of Louisiana