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    Pothos, Philos, etc.

    Looking for blueberry, mulberry, elderberry, or dahlias

    Looking for cuttings or plants

    Moses in the cradle

    Golden pothos or money plant

    Easy to please

    Looking to sell or trade plant cuttings (Mail)

    Semi-rare houseplants that might not be for you anymore!

    Swap till ya drop! (BY MAIL ONLY)

    To give away/swap

    Ghost Plant (Succulents) for Free (Just pay shipping)

    Dumb Canes


    Start a Pollinator garden

    Nurse needing plant therapy

    Kalanchoe tomentosa to swap, United States

    Looking for cuttings

    iso any plants or cuttings

    organic vegetable seedlings

    Wish list

    ISO rare houseplants

    Persian Mulberry Saplings


    ISO Hostas

    Marble Pothos


    Help de-stress nurses

    Cuttings wanted

    Anything free!

    Lavender Scallops – Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi

    Succulent Swaps

    Plants Wanted

    Wanted DAFFODILS

    In search of Bonsai cuttings!

    I’m so sad

    Pothos Wanted

    Clippings or Rehomes.

    Spider plant babies

    Looking to swap.

    Loads of Hostas to swap for established yellow or blue perennial flowers

    Hydrangea wanted

    ISO Hostas this spring


    Nandina’s “aka” Heavenly Bamboo Wanted – Any Type

    String of hearts

    Would love to swap planters for plants!

    Herb plants

    New to West Michigan.. Loss of plants during move.

    Alocasia Tiny Dancer wanted for Trade.

    I like to swap bulbs