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We’re a new social network entirely dedicated to making the world greener. 

How it works...

– Sign up in 30 seconds
– Create a LISTING of your wanted or available plants
– Browse other listings by distance or keyword
– Search our member map and connect with swappers near you

Allowable items include anything related to plants – as long as it’s free, legal, and honestly represented!  No sales are allowed.

Bonus: We’re also a fully functional social network!  You can post updates, add friends, send messages, create groups, share events, and much more!

More About Us is a nonprofit project by Möbius Path Inc, a 501(c)(3) public charity with a mission to promote empathy, animal welfare, and environmentalism.

We make the world greener by providing a simple platform for people to connect around a shared love of plants.  Our community encourages swapping over shopping and donating over discarding.

Our local programs in NYC have already saved hundreds of healthy plants from being needlessly tossed as trash, and we have helped provide dozens of free plants to classrooms, shelters, and other community organizations.

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