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Have something to swap? Looking for something else? Add a Listing!

    Variegated Adansonii Cutting

    Looking for VSOH to trade for Cebu blue

    Have: Variegated pothos fully rooted and string of bananas cuttings. Willing to trade for anything new 🙂

    Monstera Peru

    Washington state plant swap

    Jade and Thanksgiving Cactus

    Wandering Jew Clippings

    Accepting propagation shoots

    Tons of plants to trade!!

    Bunch of Succulents

    Macrame plant hanger and home decor

    Cuttings available

    Plant swap and cutting exchange

    Lots of cuttings available

    Wanted Amaryllis/Hippeastrum

    Hanging planter

    Trading for plants!

    Canna Plant

    Rhipsalis baccifera, want to trade a few for something cool

    Marble queen pothos, sansevieria, jade pothos

    Free or trade for flower plants

    TRADE: Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma Rooted Cuttings

    Wanted black sapote

    Philodendron cuttings

    Wanted: plumeria cutting. Will trade

    Wanted: begonia cuttings for large variety of rooted houseplants

    Philodendron for swap

    Golden Pothos? Cutting to swap for indoor trailing plant. Cuttings or rooted fine. Located in GA.

    SATIN POTHOS ‘SCINDAPSUS PICTUS’ cutting to swap for indoor trailing plants if possible. Located in Georgia.

    Golden pothos cuttings to swap

    Los Angeles Transfer and Storage



    WP Full Care

    Variegated Spider Plant Starts

    looking for any edible flowers, or anything to expand my indoor collection

    Swap Lemon tree/pepper plant for houseplants

    Fern finding new home

    Wanted citrus and vegetables

    Hoya for trade

    Looking for low-light plants! Can trade propogated spider plant babies

    Best Movers in Florida

    Looking for plumeria cutting

    Passion Fruit Cuttings

    Sharing Cuttings

    Variegated monstera Deliciosa

    epiphyllum oxypetalum (QUEEN OF THE NIGHT) CUTTINGS!!

    To swap: Graptopetalum paraguayense – Ghost plant (succulent)

    To swap: Codiaeum variegatum var pictum ‘Mamey’ – Mamey Croton

    To Swap: Tradescantia zebrina – inchplant / wandering jew