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    • This would not be the one, but very similar, just in another pot.

    Looking to add some more unusual plants to my collection, happy to swap!

    • image-994

    Two African Milk Tree Cuttings Available For Swap

    • image-0

    Jade Plant

    • image-992

    Pothos, Elephant Ear, Amazonia Alocasia

    • image-0

    Looking for any Hoyas and Syngoniums

    • image-0

    Christmas cactus

    • image-0

    I am Aglaonema Girl

    • image-0

    Rooted spider plant cuttings

    • image-0

    Willing to trade any plants

    • image-980

    Obligatory newbie post

    • image-0

    Heuchera and Sempervivum

    • image-0

    Variegated banana or monstera

    • image-0

    Monstera Adansonii cuttings for swap

    • image-0

    Houseplant Hoarder!

    • image-0

    Peace Lily

    • image-0

    Spider plant

    • image-967

    I have the following seeds available.

    • image-965

    I would like to swap with other plant enthusiasts to grow my plant collection

    • image-949

    3 plants available for swap

    • image-941

    3 plants available for swap

    • image-931

    Peppermint and spearmint, African Violet cuttings, and more

    • image-924

    Looking for free or trade house plants

    • image-923


    • image-922

    Looking to swap succulents for garden herbs, pothos, etc.

    • image-918

    Wanted: Begonia Beefsteak, Begonia Erythrophylla (Beefsteak Begonia)

    • image-917

    Dragon fruit – purple skin, purple flesh

    • image-0

    Looking for Philodendron Micans

    • image-911

    monstera for trade!

    • image-908

    Butter nut squash

    • image-907


    • image-0

    ISO Hoya Linearis for Trade

    • image-0

    Looking for Pothos, Syngonium, Hoyas

    • image-0

    Looking to trade/swap

    • image-0

    Green Plants for Home

    • image-0

    Swap or free plants and seeds

    • image-0

    4 o’clock seeds

    • image-0

    Lots of Common House Plants to Trade!

    • image-892

    janet craig (dracaena deremensis) tall

    • image-885

    Dracaena marginata

    • image-0

    House plants

    • image-883

    Snake plants

    • image-884


    • image-0

    Willing to swap cuttings

    • image-0

    Want more plants to grow collection!

    • image-0

    Looking for a neon pothos or philodendron

    • image-880

    Seeking pothos, philodendron, Chinese evergreens, and others!

    • image-871

    Mail trade or Local

    • image-869

    Neon pothos

    • image-870

    Dieffenbachia Camille Dumb cane

    • image-863

    Angel Wing Begonia

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