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All For Free

Have something to swap? Looking for something else? Add a Listing!

    Free plants and trees

    Rooted Coleus Cuttings

    String of Hearts

    Spider, Pilea, Wandering Dude for trade

    Looking For Indoor Tropical Plants EASY TO GROW Very New at This!

    Any cuttings you don’t want!

    Plant mom newbie looking to grow small collection

    More seeds!

    Are you looking for succulents?

    Wanted guava cuttings

    Plants 4 Sale!

    Looking for New Plants

    Looking for plant swaps, or free plants in need of new home!!


    Weeping Blue Atlas

    People are offering free mature trees on Craigslist


    White grapefruit seedlings and unknown plant

    wanting indoor plants for free

    Clippings for free or trade

    Fruit Trees

    Female Sago ball palm – Fort Walton Beach, FL

    For the Love of Plants

    Wanted: Free Hostas or other perennials

    Bunny ear cacti (Opuntia microdasys)

    Jade plants

    Free advice or clippings

    Cuttings… plz

    Please help us!

    Looking for blueberry, mulberry, elderberry, or dahlias

    Moses in the cradle

    Golden pothos or money plant

    Semi-rare houseplants that might not be for you anymore!

    Ghost Plant (Succulents) for Free (Just pay shipping)

    Nurse needing plant therapy

    organic vegetable seedlings

    Anything free!

    Wanted DAFFODILS

    I’m so sad

    Pothos Wanted

    Clippings or Rehomes.

    Hydrangea wanted

    Would love to swap planters for plants!

    House plants

    Looking for low light indoor plants

    New Gardner here!

    Sweet & Ornamental Corn

    Looking for pet-friendly apartment plants

    Please help me start over after a move!

    In need of a Monstera deliciosa var Albo Variegata (or a monstera)