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    Rhoda Needs a New Home!

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    Free two potted climbing plants

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    Dwarf Banana tree

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    Unwanted plants welcome

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    Split leaf Philodendron

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    Ficus trees and Norfolk Island Pine need a home

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    Looking to get started

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    Herbs wanted

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    Plant trade

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    Cilantro and Parsley seeds exploded! So many! Please take!

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    Jade Plant is ready to be propped!

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    Free large Norfolk Pine

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    Centennial Moving

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    Free to good home

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    Yellow Iris

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    Cutting/Plant Swap?!

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    City Movers Miami

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    free to good home ! moving

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    Send me all your cuttings! always looking to expand my home garden and house plant collection with my 11yr old son.

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    Plant Swap_Payson,Az

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    On the lookout for cuttings

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    Looking mostly for Hoyas!

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    Newbie here

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    Looking for common plants!!!

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    Will adopt any free plants

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    Various tropical palm-like plants free to good home

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    Looking for worthwhile swaps

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    orchid free for bathroom

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    FREE!! Various Plants FREE!!

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    Zamioculcas Plant! Upgraded Textured Light Pink Pot!

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    Berry or fruit starts

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    Baby spider plants

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    Norfolk pine for free. 5’ tall/healthy

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    Arrowhead, Pothos and More Cuttings– oh my!

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    House plants for donation

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    Spider Plant Babies!!

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    Re-Homing Rescued Orchids

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    So many babies! Seedlings, cutting, and props!

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    Star Jasmine

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    Plant swap

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    Free houseplants

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    Metroplex Holistic and psychic faire plant swap.

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    Rehab hoya mathilde

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    Cute dischidia oinatha varigata in 3″ pot

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    Dieffenbachia FREE

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    Looking for a baby

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    Free houseplants MOVING

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    Cute Cacti!

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    10-foot ficus (fiddle-leaf fig tree) available for free!

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    Spider Plant Babies