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    Agave Americana Need Gone by 24/10/19, Maylands WA

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    Small House Plants

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    Poinsettia Tree

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    Monstera babies

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    various Traadescantias

    • Grows to at least 6' x 6'

    Phormium Pink Stripe

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    Air plants set of 3

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    Looking for any free/swappable plants!

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    Bring big vehicle

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    Coleus cuttings

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    Mystery pepper

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    Succulent starts

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    African Violets, loose leaves

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    Young boxwood shrubs to give

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    Succulent cuttings

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    variety of house plants

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    Looking for a mother in-laws tongue.

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    I am looking for all kinds of vegetable seeds

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    House plants

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    Ferns, shaded plants, dirt, paint, any help

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    Spider Plants

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    Dwarf Nectarine Tree With Chill Hours Suitable For FL

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    Succulents, please?

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    Soursop Trees (2 available) 42″ high

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    Southwest Mojave Desert Riparian Area 3,383 ft elevation

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    Donations and swap

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    Sunberry plants

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    Searching for Pothos

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    Free Anise Hyssop Plants

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    Red or pink flesh apple seeds wanted. Also, some good pears.

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    Free cordyline fruticosa (spider mite..)

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    Plant trade

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    Fish Mint (Houttuynia cordata)

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    Green Group

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    Peony starts

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    Free house plant seeds or starts.

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    Two beautiful tall plants for donation

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    House Plant

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    Futute plants

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    Looking for interesting plants.

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    Multiple plant types available

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    butterfly weed

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    tomato seedlings

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    Small suculents to go!

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    New to group

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    2019 New England Plant Swap June 1, 8 – 10 am

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