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    House plants

    House plants trade

    Looking for low light indoor plants

    Looking to swap for anything I do not have.

    New Gardner here!

    House Plants

    Sweet & Ornamental Corn

    In need of succulents!!

    Building a Plant Collection

    Looking for pet-friendly apartment plants

    Please help me start over after a move!

    In need of a Monstera deliciosa var Albo Variegata (or a monstera)

    Looking to Rehome Monstera Deliciosa

    Shade Loving Outdoor Plants

    Wood/Wooden Crates Wanted

    I love my greens

    Tradescantia (Wandering Jew)

    burrows tail (donkey tail) for swap

    Dying or finished blooming orchids

    In search of jasmine

    In search of plantsssss

    Echinopsis Chamaecereus for trade for string of turtles

    Plants wanted for broke college student in need of some green

    Looking for plants in need of a new home or rooted cuttings

    Hydrangea – White

    Grapes – Worden

    Haskap (Honeyberry)


    In Search of Pink Princess Philodendron and/or Monstera Thai Constellation

    Raspberry Canes

    New guy


    Chlorophytum comosum

    Peperomia argyreia

    False Aralia

    Burrito tail succulent

    Looking to swap cuttings or small plants

    African irises

    Looking for indoor and outdoor Plants

    Preschoolers Need Your Help for their Garden Classroom!

    Houseplants to swap

    Red Siam Aglaonema

    Paradise Farm



    NJ Plant Swap at Williams Nursery

    Butterfly Garden Donation Request

    Looking for Rehab & Swaps!


    Plant Swap via Mail Available