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    Wandering dudes for days

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    Seeking Hanging Plants!

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    cuttings to swap

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    Let’s swap!

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    ISO Variegated Monstera Cuttings

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    ISO Horseradish

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    large terracotta pot or advice to find one for free

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    Cactus 2

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    Elderberry seedlings, goji berry seedlings and jujube seedlings

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    Native pawpaw seed, cuttings, rooted plants.

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    Cylindrical snake plant (Sansevieria Cylindrical)

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    March 7 San Francisco Spring 2020 Plant Swap

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    Looking for any houseplants!

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    Plant/Cuttings Swap (in person or by mail)

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    Looking for Winter Outdoor Plant

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    Taking donations

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    Plant swap?

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    ISO monstera plant

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    Adopting plants to propigate

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    Vegetable seed swapping

    • Mature

    Free American Century plants(Agave Americana)

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    Norfolk Island Pine

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    I would love some peperomia clippings!!

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    Looking for Monstera, Fiddleleaf Fig for swap

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    Just Getting started

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    Never never plant for swap

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    Avocado starters in Portland, Oregon

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    Avocado starters

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    Looking for free plants!

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    Looking to adopt house plants to bring life into my new space

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    House plants

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    Succulent babies explosion

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    Cuttings for cuttings swap

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    Umbrella and Anthurium plants needs new home where kitties don’t live!

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    Aloe Vera Plants for free!

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    Wanted Empty Candle, Terracotta pots, glass containers

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    Small plants for free!

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    String of hearts

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    Bromeliad Swap

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    Houseplant wanted

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    Dream Plant List 😉

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    Wiil adopt cacti, succulents or house palnts.

    • This would not be the one, but very similar, just in another pot.

    Looking to add some more unusual plants to my collection, happy to swap!

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    Would love to swap!

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    Jade Plant

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    Pothos, Elephant Ear, Amazonia Alocasia

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    Fiddle Leaf Fig

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