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    Swap List. Willing to ship.

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    Shade Loving Outdoor Plants

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    Wood/Wooden Crates Wanted

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    I love my greens

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    iso any plant cuttings!

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    Tradescantia (Wandering Jew)

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    burrows tail (donkey tail) for swap

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    Dying or finished blooming orchids

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    In search of jasmine

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    In search of plantsssss

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    Echinopsis Chamaecereus for trade for string of turtles

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    Plants wanted for broke college student in need of some green

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    Looking for plants in need of a new home or rooted cuttings

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    Hydrangea – White

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    Grapes – Worden

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    Haskap (Honeyberry)

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    In Search of Pink Princess Philodendron and/or Monstera Thai Constellation

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    Raspberry Canes

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    New guy

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    Please give my croton full sun!

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    Chlorophytum comosum

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    Peperomia argyreia

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    False Aralia

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    Burrito tail succulent

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    Looking to swap cuttings or small plants

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    African irises

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    Looking for indoor and outdoor Plants

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    Preschoolers Need Your Help for their Garden Classroom!

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    Houseplants to swap

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    Red Siam Aglaonema

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    Paradise Farm

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    Wanted: Asparagus and Rhubarb Crowns and Horseradish

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    Garden Seeds

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    NJ Plant Swap at Williams Nursery

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    Butterfly Garden Donation Request

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    Looking for Rehab & Swaps!

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    Plant Swap via Mail Available

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    Can I haz Alocasia Polly?!

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    ISO Tropical, Succulents, Spider, Snake, Cactus, Ivy’s – ALL OF THEM!

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    Looking for any unwanted seeds/plants

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    Accepting plants

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    Wanted air purifying plants & trees

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    WHITE Angel Trumpet

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    Newmarket Plant Swap Party Saturday Feb 22, 10:30-12:00

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    Superfoods please

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