What Sets Us Apart

How are we different?

There are lots of small plant-related sections on bigger websites, and a few other nice websites just for plants.  So what makes us special?  We’re a non-profit project dedicated to making the world greener by providing a platform for people to connect around a shared love of plants.

Our listings section was designed around a user-friendly map, so that anyone can find nearby neighbors to swap with.  But we’re not just about swaps – we’re a full social network where members can make friends, start groups, share events, and join discussion forums.  Best of all, we don’t run advertisements or sell your data for marketing purposes. 

We encourage everyone to post unwanted plants as “available” instead of having them end up in the compost heap (or worse, the landfill).  For example, if your irises do a little too well and have to be thinned out, wouldn’t it be better for the excess plants to be donated rather than discarded?  Not to mention that a plant which grew well on your property is more likely to continue thriving in your neighbor’s garden than a freshly purchased specimen from a far away nursery with completely different growing conditions!

Of course, the same goes for indoor plants.  When someone is moving, or a company decides to redecorate, sometimes all their beautiful foliage ends up tragically tossed into the nearest dumpster. If those plants are posted on our website as “Available” instead, odds are great that someone will swoop in to give them a new, loving home!

We also have ongoing programs in NYC to recycle unwanted greenery discarded from commercial spaces or events.  We’ve already saved dozens of plants and placed them in schools, shelters, and other community organizations, and we’re hoping to expand those programs to more cities soon.

Please help us spread our message and maximize our impact by sharing our website with your friends and signing up as a member.  Registration is free and easy, and you don’t have to swap anything to join – you just have to like plants.

Thanks so much for reading, and have a happy growing season!

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