Website Upgrades

Translations added – because we’re in over 20 countries!!!

I’m so excited to see how many wonderful people have joined our website, from locations all over the world! Right now from looking at the map, we’re at 21 countries (I’ll write up the list when I have more time).

To make things easier for everyone, I’ve added automated translation options. So far they’re just for French and Spanish, which should cover most of the locations. If anyone has other specific requests please let me know and I’ll add those too.

Unfortunately the translation software isn’t free – so that’s one more thing added to our maintenance costs. If you can help us out, we’d really appreciate any donations you could contribute. Please consider taking a moment to help us connect people all over the world by making a small donation via our secure form here:

Thank you so much to everyone that has participated in this project in any way – we could never be where we are without your ongoing awesomeness! 😀


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