Go Green 2020 – Houseplant Edition

We’re here to help make 2020 greener:

1) #SwapDontShop – Attend local swaps to find new plants. If you’re in NYC, check out This Weekend‘s Event!

2) #DonateDontDiscard – Your unwanted plants can find a loving new home if you post them on our site, or donate them directly to a school or nursing home.

3) #ShareSwaps – Use social media and our free events calendar to promote your local events and support the plant swapping community.

4) #PottedPines and #PlantingParties – if you purchased a potted pine for the holidays, know that most of them can’t survive indoors permanently.  Before it perishes, find a good outdoor spot to plant it!  Check out our Drop-off Event, or try organizing something similar for your community.  

5) #ShopSustainably and avoid #FastFoliage – before buying a plant, consider what you’re supporting and whether that plant will thrive in your home.  Much like fast-fashion has become a problem, trendy houseplants that don’t last are also having a negative impact.  Big corporations profit from growing plants quickly in warm, humid, sunny locations by using fertilizers and pesticides, then shipping them long distances to your local stores.  A cheap, vibrant plant right off a truck from Florida might look beautiful and be a tempting purchase in the middle of a northern winter… but it will quickly start to decline and be more susceptible to pests and disease once it’s moved into a cooler, drier, shadier indoor home.  With a bit of preemptive research, you can pick plants that will thrive in your home for many years to come – your happy plants and the planet will both appreciate it!

6) #GiveGenerously – your support is crucial to our nonprofit and our ability to support sustainability. Please consider Donating Today to help us continue our work, ans sharing our website to encourage others to swap!

7) Share Suggestions: Do you have any other green ideas?  Let us know by commenting below.

Thank you so much, and have a wonderful 2020!

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