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    Send Unwanted Plants/Cuttings

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    Plant trade

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    Tree Trade

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    Lots of Houseplants to Trade

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    Zamioculcas Plant! Upgraded Textured Light Pink Pot!

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    Swap or $3 plus shipping

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    San Antonio swap

    • drosera 768x768

    In search of cape sundew (drosera) carnivorous plant! Will trade clippings or pay for a plant!

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    Marble queen, jade, and neon pothos, sansevieria, rhipsalis baccifera

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    Wanted: blackberry lily

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    Pecan saplings

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    Help me regrow after Texas Blizzard?

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    Plant Swap

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    Evolution Moving Company New Braunfels

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    In Search of Hoya Sunrise!!!

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    Looking for VSOH to trade for Cebu blue

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    Jade and Thanksgiving Cactus

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    ZZ Raven

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    Clumping bamboo

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    I’m new lets swap!

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    New ,looking to swap

    • PLANT

    Looking For Indoor Tropical Plants EASY TO GROW Very New at This!

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    Any cuttings you don’t want!

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    Looking for New Plants

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    Looking for Hoya Bella, Hoya David Cummings cuttings – trade

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    Looking to trade a variety of species

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    Fiddle leaf fig, croton, prayer plant, pothos,

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    Cuttings available for trade- Monstera adaonsii, string of pearls, ficus altissima, peperomia frost and rosso, string of hearts and more!

    • Ghost Plant

    Ghost Plant (Succulents) for Free (Just pay shipping)

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    Nurse needing plant therapy

    • Heavenly Bamboo Nandina 1 large

    Nandina’s “aka” Heavenly Bamboo Wanted – Any Type

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    I like to swap bulbs

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    I want to give away two bamboo plants-chinese

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    Spinach seedlings

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    Iso. Fiddle leaf fig

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    Christmas cactus cuttings, green pothos cutting

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    Obligatory newbie post

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    Heuchera and Sempervivum

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    Indoor houseplants

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    Rosa rugosa cuttings wanted, looking to swap flowering bulbs as well

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    Wanting to rebuild my plants back up after greenhouse was destroyed a few years ago. If plants are mailed that would be awesome! Thanks!.

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    Plant cuttings/starts for trade.

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    Plant enthusiast always looking to grow collection

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    Oxblood lilies

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    Milkweed for the Monarchs

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    Blackfoot daisy wantee

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    Prayer pants