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Tag: monstera

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    cuttings to swap

    Plant/Cuttings Swap (in person or by mail)

    ISO monstera plant

    Looking for Monstera, Fiddleleaf Fig for swap

    House plants

    Variegated Monstera, Albo Variegated, Thai

    Variegated banana or monstera

    Looking for a variegated monstera adansonii

    Seeking tetra sperma or adansoni

    Monstera Deliciosa

    Plant enthusiast always looking to grow collection

    Albuquerque, NM South Valley

    Monstera babies

    Looking for a variegated string of hearts

    Monstera cuttings/plants available for swap!

    Trade albo variegated monstera cutting

    Monstera adansonii & deliciosia, carnivorous plants, watermelon peperomia, ficus pumila

    Monstera – Willing to Trade for Pink Plant!

    Looking for Monstera pinnatipartita

    Variegated Monstera, Raphidophora Tetrasperma, or Monstera Adansonii Cuttings

    Wanted any house plants

    Monstera deliciosa cuttings!

    Monstera wanted

    Big Fig Tree or tropical plants Wanted