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Tag: houseplant

Have something to swap? Looking for something else? Add a Listing!

    House Plant Swap @ The Barn Nursery


    ISO monstera plant

    Never never plant for swap

    Avocado starters

    House plants

    Succulent babies explosion

    Umbrella and Anthurium plants needs new home where kitties don’t live!

    Aloe Vera Plants for free!

    Bromeliad Swap

    Houseplant wanted

    Wiil adopt cacti, succulents or house palnts.

    Stephania erecta wanted!

    Adopting plants

    sunroom full of houseplants to give – many Spiders

    Looking for a pink princess philodendron

    Looking for a variegated monstera adansonii

    Wanted- String of Dolphins!

    Bucket list plants

    Seeking tetra sperma or adansoni


    Kalanchoe daigremontiana

    Aloe vera, Pothos, Cuban oregano

    Pencil cactus

    Plant enthusiast always looking to grow collection

    Moving soon


    Albuquerque, NM South Valley

    Looking for

    Looking for Sansevieria plants

    ISO Peace Lily

    Monstera babies

    Looking for a variegated string of hearts

    Looking to swap for a Calathea Makoyana or Peacock Plant

    Wonderful trees

    Air plants set of 3

    Pilea babies, aloe, swedish ivy, echevaria props, spider plants available to swap

    Trade: succulent cuttings for pet safe cuttings

    Monstera cuttings/plants available for swap!

    Wanted: Tahitian Bridal Veil Plant, Vine for Hanging Baskets or Fairy Gardens, Gibasis pellucida, Tradescantia multiflora or Tripogandra multiflora

    Looking for any free/swappable plants!

    Monstera adansonii & deliciosia, carnivorous plants, watermelon peperomia, ficus pumila

    Echeveria cuttings and mother of millions

    Dumb Cane Dieffenbachia

    Peperomia Rosso


    FFOS: Dragon’s Tongue cuttings (Hemigraphis repanda)

    Tri-color Wandering Jew

    Swiss Cheese Rooted Cutting Wanted

    Need a new home for our VERY LARGE Aloe plant