All To Swap in Ohio

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    • crown of thorns

    Crown of Thorns for Donkey’s Tail

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    Spider Plant Babies!!

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    Philodendron gloriosum bottom cut

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    Resurrection Lily swap for other bulbs, grass, hosta, or fern

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    I have a thousand Mother of Thousands!

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    New to houseplants and looking to swap almost anything

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    In search of Bonsai cuttings!

    • plain hostas

    Loads of Hostas to swap for established yellow or blue perennial flowers

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    Plants I have availiable

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    House Plant Swap!

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    Looking for any houseplants!

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    Pothos and Pilea

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    Looking for free house plants!

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    Baby Succulent

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    Searching for Pothos

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    ISO Fruit