All To Swap in New York

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    Wanted: lily of the valley pips (5+)

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    Looking for plants friends to swap with!

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    ISO Ficus pumila, Quercifolia minima, Tiny Oak Leaf Creeping Fig

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    ISO philodendron micans

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    Willing to trade plants!

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    For Trade- 4in. String of Turtles (I think 😂 )

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    White Nerve Plant (Fittonia albivenis) for Trade.

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    New here and ready to trade

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    Local swap

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    Callisia repens

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    Seven Year Old Corn Plant

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    Have a ton of cuttings to swap!

    • BULK WHITE PINE SEEDLINGS north georgia starter trees

    White Pine seedlings Available

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    Looking for Silversword philodendron

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    syngonium angustatum

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    Sansevieria Forest Star Babies

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    Outdoor plants to swap

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    Painter’s Palette / Anthurium / Flamingo Flower

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    Orchid – Digby’s Beaked Laelia

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    Ivy Leaf Geranium

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    Philippine Evergreen

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    Angel Wing Begonia

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    Dutchman’s Pipe Cactus

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    Snake Plant – Sansevieria Cylindrica

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    ISO Philodendron Bipennifolium

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    ISO variegated monstera deliciosa

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    Monstera Aurea

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    Strawberry plants

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    Golden Pothos for swap

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    Transparent International Movers

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    Hanging planter

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    Philodendron for swap

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    WP Full Care

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    Plant swap NYC

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    Bromeliad baby swap

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    hoya obovata desired!

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    Monstera Deliciosa

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    Looking to trade cuttings!

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    Have: rooted Diffenbachia (dumb cane) cuttings

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    Mint cuttings for swapping

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    Two Dracanea for swap 🙂

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    Aloe plants for swap!

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    Stromanthe Triostar

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    Looking for P. Micans

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    Looking for Hoyas and Philodendron

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    Prayer Plant Trimmings Green

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    Loooking for climbers

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    Plant swap NYC