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    • VAlbo


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    Frangipani Cutting Swap

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    Colocasia Esuculenta

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    Philodendron Brazil 3” pot

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    Cebu Blue Pothos Cutting

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    Spanish Moss

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    Monstera Peru

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    Cuttings available

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    Lots of cuttings available

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    Best Movers in Florida

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    Looking for plumeria cutting

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    Desperately Seeking Pothos 🙂

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    Maranta arundinacea

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    Euphorbia tirucalli ‘Sticks on Fire’ Fire Sticks for Swap

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    Tiny pothos(6 oz), tiny aloe, kalanchoe red(cuttings), cuban oregano(cutting)

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    Pothos, Philos, etc.

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    Persian Mulberry Saplings

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    Alocasia Tiny Dancer wanted for Trade.

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    I have the following seeds available.

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    Monstera Deliciosa

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    Looking to trade my gorgeous Regal Shield plant

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    Dwarf Nectarine Tree With Chill Hours Suitable For FL

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    Japanese loquat saplings

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    Kimberly Queen fern

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    Multiple plant types available

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    Raven ZZ

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    Plant swap