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    Northern California M champaca or dragon fruit plant swap.

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    Vegetable Seeds! FOR TRADE AND SALE

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    Plant Swap

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    Cute Cacti!

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    Looking for snow queen pothos

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    Euphorbia cutting

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    Crown of thorns cuttings

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    Hedgehog Cacti pups

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    New plants wanted

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    Looking for String of Turtles

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    Rhaphidophora Swap?

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    Variegated Adansonii Cutting

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    Have: Variegated pothos fully rooted and string of bananas cuttings. Willing to trade for anything new 🙂

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    Free or trade for flower plants

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    Los Angeles Transfer and Storage

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    Spider Plant cuttings for trade

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    Golden Pothos in 12 inch pot

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    Tradescantia Nanouk Cuttings

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    Monstera, Pothos, and More For Trade

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    Looking to swap plant cuttings or offer free cuttings in the Arcata/Eureka/McKinleyville area 🙂

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    String of pearls

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    Jade Plant

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    Oxalis Triangularis

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    peperomia ginny rooted cuttings

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    Looking for Bambusa multiplex Golden Goddess Or Alphonse Karr

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    Local Swap: Davis, California

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    Any type of ficus

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    Houseplant Swap!

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    White grapefruit seedlings and unknown plant

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    Clippings for free or trade

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    Wanted: Monstera Adansonii

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    New Gardner here!

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    burrows tail (donkey tail) for swap

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    Echinopsis Chamaecereus for trade for string of turtles

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    Look to swap

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    Sedum Adolphii to Swap

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    March 7 San Francisco Spring 2020 Plant Swap

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    Never never plant for swap

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    Cuttings for cuttings swap

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    Monstera Adansonii cuttings for swap

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    Looking for Pothos, Syngonium, Hoyas

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    House plants

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    Handmade pottery for plant trade

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    Citronella Geraniums

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    Neon Pothos

    • Phormium Pink Stripe

    Phormium Pink Stripe

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    Tradescantia Nanouk cuttings

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    Marble Queen Pothos