How To Find Free Plants!

Finding free plants is great, and it’s one of the main purposes behind our website.  Besides saving some money, benefits include saving plants from the ending up in a landfill, and conserving resources by not buying brand new stuff from the store.

How To Use Our Site

To find free plants, check our “Swap Listings” area.  If you don’t see anything available, click the “Add Plant Listing” button to create a Wanted (ISO) listing.  Even if your area on the map looks blank, adding a “Wanted” listing in your city is a great way to help get the ball rolling – AND it means that if one of your neighbors decides to part with a plant, your Wanted post will be the first thing they see on our site! Please note that you must sign up as a member to respond to listings or to create your own.

Tips For Getting Plants

- Check for available plants first
- Create a "Wanted" listing
- Describe your setting and why you want the plants, for example the amount of light available in your space, whether you just moved, if the plants are for a classroom, etc.
- Please do NOT use the contact forms on this website to request plants. PlantSwap.org is just a website for the public to use, and we do not carry an inventory of free plants.

Happy Swapping!

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