We want to make the world greener – so we built the best platform possible for everyone to discuss, donate, swap, or adopt anything plant-related. Joining is free!  Just be kind.

Post An Available Plant

Use our LISTINGS section to donate plants, and help reduce the use of:

  • New Soil & Containers
  • Fertilizers & Pesticides
  • Shipping & Packing Materials
  • Fuel: Grower > Distributor > Store
Overgrown Aloe? Swap Succulents on PlantSwap.org

Perfect For:

  • Overgrown Aloes, spider plants, etc
  • Event organizers with leftover foliage
  • Re-homing your plants before a big move
    Donating plants that have outgrown their space
    Any other healthy but unwanted plants

Dig Up & Donate

Thinning your garden? Don't discard - post a listing of your available extras. Donating your unwanted plants is a great way to brighten someone's day and reduce waste!

Start A Conversation

Use our FORUMS to chat with our community.-Tell the world about your sustainable garden.
-Share plant-care tips and gardening ideas.
-Answer questions or ask for advice.

Share An Event

Get your neighbors involved in making the world a greener place by sharing relevant events, or find something to do in your area. Perfect for planning a real life plant swap!

Contact Us:

We’re starting small but we’re out to make a big splash.  We care about you, so we’d love to hear your thoughts!

 If you like us, please help us grow by sharing with your friends.  Thanks!

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