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Basic Info

First Name


Favorite Plant



Available Items

Leopard Lilly

string of bananas

string of dolphins

vicks plant

wandering Jew three varieties

jades, coral, elephant and regular

elegant feather perennial (grown as an annual looks awesome!!)

tho kinds of mother of thousands

mimmosa pudica(sensitive plant)

Rhipsalis baccifera (a succulent that grows Sorta like hair.. maybe 1/8 in thick)

Plectranthus Australia(Swedish ivy)

german ivy

Begonia browerae

Maranta leuconeura (a kind of prayer plant)

Echeveria graptoveria

peekaboo plant/buzz button

hoya(i dont know what kind)

cranberry hibiscus

varigated ornamental ginger (gets pretty big and beautiful)

tiger melon seeds

red canna seeds

calla seeds

i have high quality dried catnip, and a few Live plants

pink oyster grain spawn




definately more I don’t know the names for

Wanted Items

San Pedro cactus cuttings

Helonica seeds or plant

repens quadrifolium

iron cross oxalis

mushroom liquid cultures

fast growing cacti

interesting aloes

wild succulents from the south




Banana plant