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    Aloe or succulent or low light plants

    Camelia Senensis Wanted


    Organic delicata squash seeds

    Free pothos cuttings

    Low Light Plants!

    Tomato starter plants for trade

    Seeking A Starter Plant

    String of bananas “bananas”

    christmas or easter cactus

    Seeking Staghorn Fern

    Let’s trade!

    Palm trees and Tropical plants

    Spider plant babies

    ISO Christmas Cheer Red Hot Poker

    ISO Variegated Monstera ( Any variety )

    Philodendron of any kind

    Please Adopt

    Long Island: Lets Trade

    Spider Plant

    Pilea peperomia Chinese money plant Friendship plant

    Monstera wanted

    Wanted – Succulents

    Wanted: Philodendron White Knight / White Wizard

    Wanted: Philodendron Pink Princess

    Looking for philodendrons!

    kalanchoe plant

    Want salt-tolerant plants and hop rhizomes and a few others

    Aloe vera offshoots

    Big Fig Tree or tropical plants Wanted

    Available for Trade! RARE Mother of Thousands Kalanchoe Pups

    Wanted: anything!