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    Succulent cuttings

    variety of house plants

    Plants for trade

    Elephant Ears Wanted

    Pothos Wanted

    Looking for a mother in-laws tongue.

    Purple WJ cuttings for trade

    Banana Gourd seeds

    Looking for cuttings

    Just moved to Dripping Springs TEXAS – need some help propagating a new pollinator garden

    Plant donation for maternal health event

    Cuttings for Trade

    Peace lily

    I am looking for all kinds of vegetable seeds


    Hoya Carnosa Krimson Princess

    House plants

    Ferns, shaded plants, dirt, paint, any help

    Spider Plants

    Purple oxalis rattlesnake snake desert rose primsoses any of the string plants stick plants

    Dwarf Nectarine Tree With Chill Hours Suitable For FL

    Just beginning

    Succulents, please?

    Wild Blackberry

    Seeking terra cotta pots

    Soursop Trees (2 available) 42″ high

    ISO large tropical plants


    Baby Succulent

    Goldfish Plant- Rooted cuttings

    Variegated String of Hearts

    Looking for all types of plants especially clean air plants

    European plum seeds wanted

    Southwest Mojave Desert Riparian Area 3,383 ft elevation

    Jade plant

    Aloe Vera in backyard

    Deer resistant plants

    My current lineup of plants available (not including succulents!)

    Need shade loving plants

    Donations and swap

    Succulent Cuttings

    Sunberry plants

    Japanese loquat saplings

    Kimberly Queen fern


    Searching for Pothos

    Friendship plant

    Old Plants, Trees, Shrubs, etc.

    Rooted Pilea Peperomioides for swappies

    Azalea cuttings