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    Crassula Jade

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    Pachyphytum oviferum (Moonstones)

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    Polka dot plant cutting/Hypoestes phyllostachya

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    Cassula Ovata “Hobbit”

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    Crassula Ripple Jade

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    Looking for generous people to share some plant cuttings/mature plants

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    Herbs & Vegetables

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    Variegated Monstera, Raphidophora Tetrasperma, or Monstera Adansonii Cuttings

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    tomato seedlings

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    Raven ZZ

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    indoor plants

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    Seeds Pleaseeee!!!

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    Small suculents to go!

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    Wanted- Any plants

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    Wanted any house plants

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    Plants wanted!

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    Starfish Snake Plant or Spider Plant but open

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    New to group

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    I have Aloe and spider plant babies to swap

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    Looking to adopt: Philodendron erubescens “pink princess”, rhaphidophora tetrasperma (dwarf monstera), or Hoya kerrii

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    2019 New England Plant Swap June 1, 8 – 10 am

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    FFOS: Dragon’s Tongue cuttings (Hemigraphis repanda)

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    Looking for unique Succulents!!

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    Wanted: Rubber tree and fiddle leaf cutting

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    Wanted trees or flowers

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    Succulents for swapping

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    Plants wanted for new flower bed, native or non

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    Shade loving plants wanted

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    Many golden pothos 6” single stem rooted

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    My WishList

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    Planters, Snake Plants, or Orchids?

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    Variegated Wandering Jew cuttings for swap

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    Rooted Wandering Jew Clippings for swap

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    Spiderette Baby Spider Plant for swap

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    Returning Gardener

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    Looking for hostas or any zone 5 friendly plants

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    Japanese Maple seedlings

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    All medicinal herbs and plants and anything edible!

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    Parrot plant cutting

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    Carnivorous plant

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    Looking for plants for our new home

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    Heirloom Seeds

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    free plant

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