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All Wanted in New York

Have something to swap? Looking for something else? Add a Listing!


    Cuttings wanted

    Clippings or Rehomes.

    Would love to swap planters for plants!

    House Plants

    In need of a Monstera deliciosa var Albo Variegata (or a monstera)

    Shade Loving Outdoor Plants

    Wood/Wooden Crates Wanted

    Plants wanted for broke college student in need of some green

    Preschoolers Need Your Help for their Garden Classroom!

    Plants boarding and swap

    Looking for House Plants

    tall houseplants!

    large terracotta pot or advice to find one for free

    Looking for Winter Outdoor Plant

    Wanted Empty Candle, Terracotta pots, glass containers

    Portulacaria Afra

    Looking for jade plant

    Looking for a pitcher plant!

    Looking to trade/swap

    Green Plants for Home

    Seeking cat-safe plants

    Looking for Fishbone cactus cuttings to propagate. (Epiphyllum anguliger)

    Looking for Sansevieria plants


    Small House Plants

    Looking for a variegated string of hearts

    plants wanted for a pavilion competition

    Cuttings Rubber plant, jade, umbrella & more to swap

    Looking for ceropegia! And anything fun!

    Any indoor plant!

    Monstera – Willing to Trade for Pink Plant!

    Wanted – House/Office Plants

    Succulents, Herbs, Supplies

    Plant donation for maternal health event

    House plants

    Just beginning

    Seeking terra cotta pots

    ISO large tropical plants

    Indoor house plants wanted

    Green Group

    Household Plant Wanted

    ISO String of hearts or Monstera

    daddy for your plants

    Looking for feminized/ auto flowering seeds

    Looking for baby Pilea!

    Looking for Pothos cuttings

    indoor plants

    Looking to adopt: Philodendron erubescens “pink princess”, rhaphidophora tetrasperma (dwarf monstera), or Hoya kerrii

    Wanted: Rubber tree and fiddle leaf cutting