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    5 plants available for swap

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    4 plants available for swap

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    Looking for Philodendron Micans

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    Looking to trade/swap

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    Green Plants for Home

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    Lots of Common House Plants to Trade!

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    Plants for trade 🙂

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    Baby rooted succulents from cuttings for swap

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    Have Narcissus Poeticus and Hosta Honeybells for trade

    • image-698

    Looking for a variegated string of hearts

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    Baby Pilea, rooted peperomia obtusifolia, rooted hydroponic Shiso.

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    • image-668

    Monstera Adansonii

    • Cuttings

    Pilea, succulent props, squill, purple heart, snake plant, swedish ivy, aloe, and more to trade

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    Pilea babies, aloe, swedish ivy, echevaria props, spider plants available to swap

    • image-652

    Rubber Plant (Ficus Elastica) for Swap

    • image-646

    No such thing as too many plants!

    • image-641

    Trade: succulent cuttings for pet safe cuttings

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    Monstera cuttings/plants available for swap!

    • image-625

    Cuttings Rubber plant, jade, umbrella & more to swap

    • image-621

    Looking for ceropegia! And anything fun!

    • image-620

    Healthy basil plants

    • image-615

    Callisia Repens var “Tricolor” cuttings

    • image-575

    Pots available for free or trade

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    Monstera – Willing to Trade for Pink Plant!

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    Looking for a mother in-laws tongue.

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    House plants

    • image-0

    Southwest Mojave Desert Riparian Area 3,383 ft elevation

    • image-483

    Rooted Pilea Peperomioides for swappies

    • image-501

    Jackfruit Seedlings

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    Wanted: Rubber tree and fiddle leaf cutting

    • image-247

    Kale seedlings

    • image-225

    Calathea Maranta Leuconeura (prayer plant) for trade

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    Tomato starter plants for trade

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    christmas or easter cactus

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    Let’s trade!

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    Wanted – Succulents

    • image-104

    Downtown NYC, West Village: Giving, Selling, Trading and Requests.

    • image-99

    Available for Trade! RARE Mother of Thousands Kalanchoe Pups

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