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All For Free in New York

Have something to swap? Looking for something else? Add a Listing!


    People are offering free mature trees on Craigslist

    organic vegetable seedlings

    Clippings or Rehomes.

    Would love to swap planters for plants!

    In need of a Monstera deliciosa var Albo Variegata (or a monstera)

    Shade Loving Outdoor Plants

    Wood/Wooden Crates Wanted

    Plants boarding and swap

    Looking for House Plants

    tall houseplants!

    Aloe Vera Plants for free!


    Fig and grape cuttings available

    Looking to trade/swap

    Green Plants for Home

    Small House Plants

    Looking for a mother in-laws tongue.

    House plants

    Southwest Mojave Desert Riparian Area 3,383 ft elevation

    Free cordyline fruticosa (spider mite..)

    Green Group

    Two beautiful tall plants for donation

    butterfly weed

    tomato seedlings