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    Pothos and Pilea

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    Looking to swap succulents for garden herbs, pothos, etc.

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    Silver Pothos rooted in water – swap

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    Looking for Pothos cuttings

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    Silver/Satin Pothos

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    Pothos Wanted

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    Searching for Pothos

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    Neon pothos

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    Seeking pothos, philodendron, Chinese evergreens, and others!

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    Looking for a neon pothos or philodendron

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    Neon Pothos

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    Free pothos cuttings

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    Many golden pothos 6” single stem rooted

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    New here, Pothos anyone?

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    Christmas cactus cuttings, green pothos cutting

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    Pearls and Jade Pothos

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    Wanted – Hoyas, Pothos, Lithops

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    Pothos and Philodendron

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    Aloe vera, Pothos, Cuban oregano

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    Pothos, Elephant Ear, Amazonia Alocasia

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    Newbie here!! Looking for pothos cuttings!

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    Looking for Pothos, Syngonium, Hoyas

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    In search of Silvery Ann and Neon Pothos

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    Marble Queen Pothos

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    Silver Pothos

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    Silver pothos

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    Wanted : any unwanted pothos or philodendron

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    Pothos marble queen

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    Golden pothos

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    Cuttings for cuttings swap

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    Lots of Common House Plants to Trade!

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    Santa Cruz plants

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    Looking for free or trade house plants

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    House plants

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    Philodendron Brazil Rooted Cuttings

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    Would love to swap!

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    ISO Hoya Linearis for Trade

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    Looking for cuttings to grow my little collection

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    Variegated Monstera, Raphidophora Tetrasperma, or Monstera Adansonii Cuttings

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    Variegated Wandering Jew cuttings for swap

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    Willing to swap cuttings

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    Are Your Houseplants Out of Control?

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    Let’s trade!

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    Wanted Plants

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    I would love some peperomia clippings!!

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    Any cuttings / babies to spare?

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    Jackfruit Seedlings

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