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    What tools other than pots are you finding to reuse/upcycle or get for free?

    For starters, I use one of those stoppers they put in your Starbucks lid as a soil aerator. Naturally I gave it a quick wash first to make sure there wasn’t any dairy left on it. I’m not sure if these are recyclable, so even saving one from the landfill is better than nothing.



    That starbucks stopper idea is creative! I cringe thinking about the amount of waste that comes from starbucks >.< I save chopsticks and other stickly objects for aerators too.

    I am now trying to find more things I can use for drainage trays to go along with my thrift store pot search. I haven’t come up with anything yet. Unfortunately, I am picky about how things look because I’m basically working toward making the giant window in my living room the “main attraction” decor-wise. I may have to resort to finding plates at the thrift store too.



    Thrifting is great! Stuff stays out of landfills and a charity gets a boost. One of my goals for my next move is better (meaning more plant-friendly) windows.

    I am less picky at the moment and use coffee can lids, sandwich containers, and have some succulents grouped on the lid of a takeout tray. The tray is black so it looks like it could be part of the decor. Maybe you could go with a theme, like all clear lids or all white lids.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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