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Hi Pixie,
Without knowing what type of sanseveria, amount of light, amount of water, type of soil and other information it is difficult to answer that question but I can share a few tidbits that might be helpful. Many people say sanseverias can tolerate a lot of neglect which tends to be true, but when you provide better living conditions they grow really fast. How big is the cutting and how big is the pot that it’s in? If you have kept it in a very small pot and seen little growth, you might want to repot it into a larger pot that is 1-2 inches larger. Don’t go too big or the soil in the pot might retain moisture for longer than you want to and this could lead to root rot. I was in the same situation as you, having a small sanseveria in a 4 inch pot that I wanted to grow big and tall like other sanseverias that I had seen. I found out eventually that the type of sanseveria, a birds nest, aka Hahnii, tend to stay compact and short and don’t grow tall. So knowing what type of sanseveria you have is important to know what amount of growth to expect. I did end up repotting it twice over the past year and it has grown much larger, but not in height. It has grown in width, developing more clusters of leaves and spreading out. Height wise it might have grown an inch more.

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